Akiwa Autobahn Motorsports is founded with the passion of giving cars a personalized makeover. We are a company that specializes in European & Japanese automotive body kits since 2008.

As our mark of excellence, we are constantly expanding our product range in order to provide you with more choices. We are proud to offer competitive pricing and value-for-money bodykits. Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority.


In June 2013, we expanded our business to Bangkok, Thailand. Mr. Jasfar is the person in-charge of the Thailand branch. Many thanks to him for we able to discover that our products are pretty in-demand in that region as well. The automotive scene in Thailand goes way back and the market is very competitive in terms of pricing but we believe that its possible to do well in that region as we focus on our product creditability and customer service.

As time goes by, we rapidly expanded our businesses around the South East Asia region.


By April 2014, we expanded to Brunei Darussalam. Mr.Hisyam is the man in-charge for the Brunei branch and contributed many skills, knowledge & wisdom to operate the business.




In August 2014, Mr. Dee from Indonesia gave us the idea to penetrate the automotive scene in Indonesia. He is already running an automotive business of his own in Jakarta (Bimmer House Garage) but after much discussion with him, we are able to operate Akiwa Autobahn Indonesia with him.



In November 2014, we got intouch with our old friend from Taiwan and had a long discussion about opening another branch in that country. In conclusion, the partnership discussion went well and decided to give a try.